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No catch. No contract. No purchase necessary. We know you will be thrilled with our service.  Now you can find out for yourself with no cost or obligation.  A free Meet & Greet is required

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  • Early Midday   9-12
  • Afternoon         11-2
  • Late Afternoon 1-4


Complete Visits

Weather its an hour visit or 30 min, we are there for the entire time

All walks are monitored

Walks are timed with location based time stamps. You know exactly when, where, and how long your dog was walked (example).  

Our walkers have a company issued phone with our app installed that lets them know exactly what time the walk started and how much time is remaining.

The manager actively monitors the walks also.

Customer Portal

Route Tracking

See the actual path your dog takes on his walk.  We use GPS monitoring and tracking on company issued phones.  You always know EXACTLY where your dog went on his walk 🙂



You can do everything through our app:  View Conversation History, See upcoming Walks, Update your profile and your dogs, Make a Payment, View Walk Reports, Add walks, Change walks or Cancel a walk

Conversation Feed

You can view all correspondence history in the web Client Portal or in the app. The conversation includes all texts, emails, replies through the web portal or the app

Walk Update

You are updated after every walk.  You will receive a text, email, and/or an app notification.  Replying to any form of update goes directly to the walker and the manager.  It will also be automatically be added to the conversation feed


You can schedule a new walk, modify an existing walk, or cancel a walk through the web portal or in the app.

Walking Dogs in Nashville since 2007

(Formerly, At Home Pet Services)







  • Music City Dog Walkers
  • Pet Sitters
  • Internet Aggregators
  • Friend or Neighbor



  • Music City Dog Walkers Completely Covered
  • Pet Sitters Maybe Covered
  • Internet Aggregators EXPOSED
  • Friend or Neighbor EXPOSED



  • Music City Dog Walkers Employees
  • Pet Sitters ICs or Employees
  • Internet Aggregators Independent Contractors
  • Friend or Neighbor None



  • Music City Dog Walkers Monitored by live, local person
  • Pet Sitters Usually not montered
  • Internet Aggregators No personal monitoring
  • Friend or Neighbor None

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