Apply for our Dog Walking Job

Nashville, Tn

Who our dog walking jobs are good for?

  • Clients request walks M-F between 9am-5pm. Music City Dog Walkers would need to take on 3-6 clients around this time frame. You don’t have to be strictly available for the whole time frame of 9-5. If you are available for blocks of time, that would work as well. Ex: 9am-1pm, 2-4pm, etc.
  • Able to commit to a regular schedule for at least 6 months per client. It really affects our clients and their dog negatively when a walker leaves prematurely and sporadically.
  • Can serve the general Nashville, TN area.
  • Prior experience with dogs: (volunteering at shelters, owning dogs, pet sitting, grooming, training, etc.)
  • Must have great customer service as well as professional and timely communication skills.

Who our dog walking jobs are NOT good for?

  • Someone looking for some quick extra cash


  • Someone looking for short-term work in between long-term jobs


  • Someone who can't commit to a regular, consistent schedule


  • Someone that has little to no experience owning working with, walking, sitting, or caring for dogs in any way.

Perks of this dog walker job

  • Get paid weekly via Direct Deposit


  • You’ll only walk dogs from a single household at a time, so no need to worry about pack walks


  • Excellent support from the Music City Dog Walkers team


  • You can create your own regular schedule to fit your needs


  • Independent work environment where you will be out on your own exercising, enjoying the sunshine, spending some quality time with some furry companions, and make money doing it!

What’s the schedule like?

  • If you have an open availability and you are able to serve in a prime location, it is very easy to earn $250+ per week on average with taking on 4-6 clients, which is between 15-30 walks per weeks


  • If you are able to take on fewer clients (2-3 clients) and you are located in a less popular area, you are more likely to earn up to $100-$150 per week on average, which is between 10-15 walks per week.


  • For your first 2 weeks you will receive a reduced pay rate, after which you will be bumped up to the full pay rate.