Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Music City Dog Walkers to walk my dogs?

​Music City Dog Walkers provides a professional level of care for your pets. Often people turn to family or friends to watch their animals and that can turn awkward. Music City Dog Walkers offers a wide variety of services to meet the specific needs of you and your pet. We are reliable, trustworthy, flexible and put your pets needs as our top priority. Music City Dog Walkers has been operating as a professional pet care service since October 2007


What areas does Music City Dog Walkers cover?

Music City Dog Walkers services West End, The Gulch, Edgehill, Vanderbilt, Hillsboro Village, Downtown, Music Row, 12th South, Belmont, Germantown, Wedgewood, Sylvan Park, Sylvan Heights, The Nations, Oak Hills, Green Hills. We will consider neighboring areas for coverage but do our best to reduce distance from our home to yours for safety and to keep our carbon footprint low.


Will my dog be walked by the same person every day?

Music City Dog Walkers strives for continuity for the benefit of both your pet and our pet care specialists, as it is our experience that keeping your animal in the care of the same person/people provides for a more comfortable visit and walking experience for both dog and walker as both learn each other's nuances, tricks, and behaviors. However, in the event of emergencies, sick or vacation days, Music City Dog Walkers reserves the right to send a replacement pet care specialist to your home. You can rest assured knowing that all Music City Dog Walkers employees are subjected to background checks and are trained on our pet care standards before they are allowed to care for client animals without supervision


Are you insured and bonded?

Yes, we are insured and bonded through Mourer-Foster Insurance Agency. Our policy is with The Hartford Insurance Company, Music City Dog Walkers is insured as a corporation.


Do you have references?

Music City Dog Walkers has a plethora of excellent references ranging from clients as far back as 10 years ago.


Can I meet with you before I hire Music City Dog Walkers?

​Absolutely; we actually require that you meet with us before any services rendered to ensure that your pet is the right fit for Music City Dog Walkers and that Music City Dog Walkers is the right fit for your pet!


How will I know for sure that you have come to visit my animal as scheduled?

​After all daily services Music City Dog Walkers updates you through our pet sitting software letting you know about the adventures (and bathroom behaviors) of the day. CLICK HERE FOR  AN EXAMPLE OF OUR UPDATES. For pet sitting assignments we send pictures on our first visits and daily updates until you return home.


I decided to play hooky from work today so I won't need my walker! What is your cancellation policy?

​We have an entire section on our website devoted to our policies organized by service. We pride ourselves on being understanding that “life happens,” but we ask that you also understand that we are a business and so have policies in place to prevent excessive last-minute cancellations. Our policies also allow us to hire, retain and pay fair wages to our excellent staff.