Employee Mangement

How to get the most from your staff

Employee management. Piece of cake, right? Absolutely not–it’s probably the most challenging aspect of business. Employees are the most valuable assets, though, and you have to get the management part right.

Managing employees involves a few core principles:

  • Selection
    • This is about choosing the right employees during the hiring process.
  • Measurement
    • This is about determining how well an employee is performing or meeting goals.
  • Monitoring
    • This is how to perform the measurement of employee performance.
  • Interaction
    • This is the daily way you and your team communicate and work with each other.
  • Reward
    • This is the result of excellent employee performance.
  • Discipline
    • This is the result of lackluster employee performance, and may involve firing.

Ask yourself…How well can a national aggregator of dog walkers do these things through a website, with no personal interactions with the people they employ.