Operations Policies

Please keep in mind that we try to be as flexible as possible and that we try our best to be understanding of the unexpected nature of life. These policies are primarily in place for instances of recurring cancellations and late payments. If at any time you need to work around these policies please email so that we see if we can work something out.

Schedule Policy

Should you need to add or change a regularly scheduled walk, your cancellation request must be in by 9 pm the Friday before the week in which you wish to have a service change/addition. Should we receive a request later than 9 pm the Friday before that particular schedule is created we may be unable to accommodate your request.

All clients with regularly scheduled days and time slots, for example Monday-Friday or Tuesday and Thursday of every week, will get priority for scheduled slots over clients that ask for different days each week. Regularly scheduled slots are always guaranteed. Please see our cancellation and vacation policy below should you want to cancel or have a vacation where our services will be suspended while you are away.


Cancellation Policy

To cancel a scheduled visit please make the request via the Client Portal before 9 pm on the night prior to the scheduled service. If you make the request before 9:00 pm, you will not receive a charge for the cancelled visit. If we have been notified after 9:00pm for a cancellation, you will be charged for the visit.

Please note that we will come for visits unless told otherwise, 


Last Minute Service Policy

If you're stuck at work and can't get home in time to let your dog out, feel free to send a request through the portal. We usually can accommodate Last Minute Services. Under normal parameters, we ask for at least 48 hours notice for clients to request a normal non-last minute service visit. If the reservation is made under the “Last Minute” parameters, you may be charged an additional $5 over the normal rate. We consider a request to be last-minute when the request is made after 9:00 pm the night before the requested service day.

For your own satisfaction, we ask that you try to let us know by 9:00 pm the night prior to the requested services to avoid the fee. Please make all requests through the Client Portal. Last Minute Services are subject to scheduling constraints, and clients might not receive the desired time slot.


Vacation Policy for Regular Weekly Scheduled Clients

We at Music City Dog Walkers guarantee that should your regularly scheduled caretaker take a vacation, we will still provide complete service for your animal. We reserve the right to change caretakers for our staff vacation time or for emergency situations with little to no notice.

If you use Music City Dog Walkers services on a regular weekly basis (at least 2 days per week every week) and would like to go on vacation where our services for your animal are not needed, your regularly scheduled time and service spot will be guaranteed for up to 2 weeks.

Should you not need our service for more than 2 weeks your regularly scheduled spot cannot be guaranteed. Available openings for our service are first come first serve.


Pet Care Specialist Policy

Music City Dog Walkers will assign a professional dog walker/pet care specialist to your dog providing you have Monday-Friday walks

Music City Dog Walkers strives for continuity for the benefit of both your pet and our pet care specialists, as it is our experience that keeping your animal in the care of the same person/people provides for a more comfortable visit and walking experience for both dog and walker as both learn each other’s nuances, tricks, and behaviors. However, in the event of emergencies, sick or vacation days, Music City Dog Walkers reserves the right to send a replacement pet care specialist to your home. You can rest assured knowing that all Music City Dog Walkers employees are subjected to background checks and are trained on our pet care standards before they are allowed to care for client animals without supervision.


Weather Policy

We are well equipped to weather the elements and walk in all kinds of weather. It doesn’t matter if it is raining, snowing, hailing, or simply scorching hot, we will be out there and doing our jobs to the best of our ability. Please assume that despite any weather conditions if you have a visit scheduled with Music City Dog Walkers we will show up. Should you want to cancel due to inclement weather our cancellation policy above will apply.

On days where our ability to provide service is hindered by inclement weather, i.e. icy road conditions, please keep in mind that we may need to adjust walking times in order to compensate for travel time.

If the weather is extreme (hot, cold, stormy) we may shorten your pet’s walk to protect both dogs and walkers. Please let us know if your pet has difficulty in any type of weather and would prefer that we spend time with your pet doing something other than an outdoor activity.

Towel Policy

For the safety and to maintain sanitary conditions for your dog(s), Music City Dog Walkers asks that you provide towels we can use to wipe off your animals. Please indicate in your client details section of the Client Portal where we can expect to find your dog appropriate towels. It is our goal to return your dog as clean as we found them.


Key Policy

We will provide you with a key lock box set to a combination of your choice.  Most pet sitters keep a copy of your key.  With our lock box system you are in control of your keys...like it should be


Payment Policy

Walks are scheduled in two week time blocks.  You will be sent an invoice 3 days before the first walk of the 2 week time block.  You can pay through the client portal.  You don't have to do anything and you will be billed on the first day of the two week time block.

Contact Policy

Please contact us via the Client Portal for all of your questions, concerns etc. If you have a private matter or would like to speak directly to a manger/owner, please email us at info@musiccitydogwalkers.com.  ​We do have a voicemail system but messages are checked infrequently due to our being out caring for animals. The portal and email are checked regularly and responded to immediately if your animal is in our care.

Hiring Music City Dog Walkers Inc. means that you have a staff of dedicated individuals to care for your dog(s). Ultimately, the manager is responsible for all visits, no matter who provides them. To avoid miscommunication all correspondence needs to come from and to one source; our office. The preferred method is through the Client Portal but while email/Internet access maybe unavailable for you, our office line is always available any time of day or night. In our 10 years as professional pet care providers, we have learned that having a consistent route of communication assures our clients and staff that no detail slips through the cracks.

In an effort to keep prices fair we are unable to provide personal contact information for our employee's. Our employee’s phones are their personal phones and it is cost prohibitive for them to use their own data.

Communicated requests, last minute or otherwise can be viewed in the portal by management and your dog’s walker.

Office messages are retrieved remotely and checked infrequently. The office may be called at any hour, but do understand it may take over 48 hours for a message to be received. Access to our staff's private cell phone numbers will not be provided, all inquiries must come via the portal, email or the office line.